A Final Goodbye


On Wednesday the cat came home.

That was the start.

Starving, disorientated,

blank eyes riddled with 

pain and confusion,

chasing his tail in dying circles.

I bundled him into

a basket, couldn’t wait 

to finish his death sentence

as I bolted to the vet for a lethal cure.

I said a final goodbye

with averted eyes and

brought him home

in a shroud of discarded

sweater. Wept a gutter full

of tears for the absent cushion of fur

at the end of the bed.


On Friday the telephone rang.

That was the end.

A moment’s hesitation,

a blink and you were gone.

As the hairdresser sighed

and looked at the clock, 

you put your hand to a brace and 

expired. In one last beat of

happy memories, life in a flash

or mind numbing pain

your heart ruptured, 

pumping your blood into space.

I didn’t say goodbye to 

the lolling death mask 

of a stranger. My eyes smarted 

from the slap but I didn’t cry.

For when I looked for the missing 

mountain, you were still there.




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